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Outreach Materials

Everything you need to follow VSP communication guidelines.

Outreach Materials

Find examples of VSP Self Assessment Checklists, Individual Stewardship Plan Examples, Brochures, postcards, press releases, and more.

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VSP Self Assessment Checklists

This folder contains your county's self assessment checklist (2022).

Press Releases

Need to write a press release? This folder contains two example press releases to model your release off of.


This folder contains some excellent county overviews and reports.

Producer Handbooks

This folder shares the Douglas County Producer Handbook as a model for handbook design and presentation.


Need to create a brochure? Browse the many example brochures and templates as a model for your outreach brochure.


This folder contains example surveys and cover letters.


Example outreach postcards to share updates and project news.

Individual Stewardship Plan Examples

Need to draft a Individual Stewardship Plan interest form? This folder contains several examples of filled out forms and templates for you to reference.

FAQ Examples

This folder contains example FAQs one-sheets for Pacific and Pend Oreille counties.