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Billing & Cost Share

Billing & Financial Resources

For additional VSP vouchering, billing, and contract questions, please contact Nicole Boyes, (564) 669-3149.

Billing & Vouchering

Please refer to this FAQ Sheet on VSP Billing to learn about allowable costs, reporting requirements, and more.

Billing documents


Contract reimbursement procedure

Please follow policies and procedures in the updated SCC Grant and Contract Policy and Procedure Manual to request payments for contracts. Learn more by viewing the SCC-County Contract for the 2023-25 Biennium Budget Webinar

County and CD sub-contract resources

Example sub-contact between county and CD

For additional billing and contract information, please visit SCC Grants, Contracts, and Finance.

Cost-Share Information

Project proposals must comply with the approved VSP Captial Funding Programmatic Guidelines for the 2023-25 Biennium (Guidelines).

The guidelines include VSP-specific criteria and utilize existing SCC grant procedures, including the SCC's Grant and Contract Procedure Manual and the Conservation Practice Data System (CPDS).

All proposals need to be entered into the SCC’s CPDS system to be considered for funding and recipients need to be trained in SCC’s grants and contracts procedures.

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